Introduction of Job Outsourcing

Why are the jobs coming to India? This is one question dogging everyone from politicians, businessmen, students, scientist and IT professionals to the common man on the street. A fall out of Globalization, outsourcing is being discussed around the world from a renewed perspective, sometimes with pleasure and at other times with fury, depending upon which side of outsourcing the person is. Today it has turned into a major political issue.

Outsourcing that has been prevalent for a long time now has never been at the center of a storm of these dimensions. At the time when jobs were shifting south from the USA to Mexico dust had blown but perhaps it was just a warning of the coming storm that has engulfed American life affecting far off places like India and attracting the attention of the world.

So why is this such a hot topic? The phenomenon seems to have been triggered off by the emergence of the Indian economy on the global scene and its ability to attract jobs. Coupled with this is the downturn in the US economy and loss of jobs in that country. Even though these are two different things that happened simultaneously, they sadly managed to be mixed up. People are groping to understand the phenomenon and are still in the process of disentangling themselves from the wave of confusion that exists.

Last Updated on : 20/06/2013