Panaji Government Offices

The Panjim or Panaji Government Offices are housed in Panaji, the capital city of Goa. Goa, being an ever popular tourist destination in the Indian subcontinent is flooded with tourists throughout the year. Consequently, the Goa Tourism Offices are one of the major government concerns that earns a massive revenue. Several noteworthy travel agents and tour operators are registered under the Goa tourism department.

Apart from the various government offices in Goa, Panaji also houses the zonal offices of several other offices of the Indian subcontinent. The official Goa Assembly is sited at Povorim, at a stone's throw distance of 2 km from Panaji city. The Altino Hill also houses some eminent Central Government offices and administrative centers that play a pivotal role in Panaji-Govermnenat and Politics.

The other noted government offices include the following:
  • Press Information Bureau (Government of India's Press Office)
  • Passport Office, Panaji
  • Mumbai High Court Goa bench
  • Junta House
  • Sports Authority of Goa
  • Industrial Development Corporation Goa
  • Goa Education Development Corporation

Last Updated on: 15/05/2013