Porbandar Media

A proactive and interactive form of communication in the southeastern city of Gujarat is Porbandar Media. The news from all over the world is brought to the people through the media in Porbandar.

Both the electronic and print media effectively work in Porbandar to communicate the news to the people in the city. Times of India, Indian Express, Business Standard and Asian Age are the English newspapers circulated in Porbandar. Apart from the English dailies, there are a number of Gujarati newspapers published and read in the city. Gujarat Samachar, Akila News, Jai Hind, Sambhaav and Sandesh are the popularly read local newspapers.

In the electronic media, there are many Gujarati television channels that are broadcast in Porbandar. Apart from entertaining, the channels also function as effective means of communication that brings news and information to Porbandar. The national network, Doordarshan Gujarat, is broadcast in Porbandar through the LPT-59 transmitter. Among the other regional television channels, ETV Gujarati is popular for its range of programs and television shows.

Last Updated on 19th January 2013