Pushpa Gujral Science City

Pushpa Gujral Science City, situated on the Jalandhar- Kapurthala Road, sprawls across 72 acres of land and is one of the biggest science parks of North India. The project has come about owing to the tremendous support of the Government who has committed to provide a mammoth sum of Rs. 70 crore.

Pushpa Gujral Science City is an ambitious project that endeavors to foster a scientific temperament and stimulate the creativity of the inquisitive minds and provide simple explanations to the complex mind-boggling questions on the workings of the universe. The science city strives to teach the fundamentals of science with a novel and interesting approach in a fulfilled milieu. Small children, adolescents, science students as well as adults working in different spheres all enjoy the simplicity with which the dynamic park presents the universal truths.

Pushpa Gujral Science City deals with all modern aspects of science and technology and covers a variety of topics ranging from physical, applied, natural and social sciences to engineering, technology, agriculture, health sciences, energy, industries, human evolution and civilization, the environment and ecosystems. Jurassic parks as well as frontier areas like space, nuclear science, information technology, robotics and Biotechnology also find place in the versatile science city.

The science gallery that tries to inculcate scientific awareness and appreciation in the minds of laymen showcases 20 marvelous scientific phenomenons. They include:
  • A Big Sphere Mirror reflection at inclined plane
  • Look into Infinity Reflection in parallel mirrors
  • Illuminate the Tunnel Reflection in parallel mirrors
  • Half Me Half You Reflection & refraction
  • Slim & Trim Reflection in concave mirror
  • Fatty & Bulky Reflection in convex mirror
  • Rotate your Face Reflection in concave mirror
  • Lattice Structure FCC, BCC & Simple Cubic structure
  • Stereo Hearing Direction of sound & delay in hearing
  • Mirror Room Infinite no. of Images in all direction
  • Image Formula No. of Images vs. angle between mirrors
  • Serving Head Illusion through vanishing body
  • Blow the Soap Film Surface Tension & Colours in thin films
  • Transfer of Momentum Momentum & Kinetic Energy
  • Eye-An Aperture Eye acts as an aperture of a camera
  • Vanishing Ball Illusion of creating a ball in space
  • Touch Hot Filament Illusion of touching hot filament of a bulb
  • Primary Colours Primary colours & Mixture of colours
  • Water from Where Creating an unknown source of Water
  • Playing Carom Ellipse has two foci

Last Updated on : 28/06/2013