Puri to Pipli

Pipli is a beautiful village on the main road that falls between Puri and Bhubaneswar. A weekend tour from Puri to Pipli might help the tourists to unravel the exotic beauty of Pipli and its adjoining areas.

Pipli in Orissa is known for its applique work. Applique work forms a major part of the handicrafts of Orissa. The applique work is a piece of art that is done by cutting beautiful pattern on a piece of cloth. Beautiful patterns depicting flowers, animals, etc are made, which are then stitched beautifully on another piece of cloth.

In Pipli, one can across rows of shops flaunting the applique work. The applique work in Pipli includes bed covers, letter cases, cushion covers, wall hangings, pillow covers, bed sheets, hand bags, canopies, garden umbrellas, etc.

It is said that the kings and nobility of Orissa had patronized the applique work. At one time, the applique work of Orissa is said to have reached the heights of excellence. In Orissa, kings engaged craftsmen in the Jagannath Temple. In 1054, Maharaja Birakshore is said to have appointed 'Darjis' to serve the temple. The 'darjis' provided regular supply of the items required for the rites performed at the temple.

The village of Pipli was set up for accommodating the craftsmen of Orissa. Initially, the craftsmen only made banners, umbrellas and canopies for the festive occasions, but with the popularity of the art, the artisans started making many items of utility.

The craftsmen of Pipli also supplied the articles of utility to the maths and the monastic houses. But since Independence, the darjis have completely taken to making articles for the tourists.

On their weekend tours from Puri to Pipli, the tourists can unravel the beauteous village. The trip from Puri to Pipli might help the tourists to explore the village of Pipli.

Last Updated on : 23 June 2011