Puri to Chilka Lake

The journey from Puri to Chilka Lake brings alive the rustic life of Orissa. Tourists coming to Orissa indulge in the weekend tours from Puri to Chilka Lake in order to enjoy the exotic beauty of Orissa.

Chilka is one of the largest lakes of India. The Chilka Lake of Orissa contains a number of islands, namely Phulbari, Parikud, Nuapara, Berahpura, Tampara and Nalbana. One of the beautiful islands of Chilka Lake is the Nalbana islands.

Chilka Lake houses a wide variety of domestic and migratory birds. The Chilka Lake seems to be the most popular destination in the weekend tours from Puri.

The Chilka Lake houses some of the rare species of birds, Flamingo is the most common bird found in the lake. The lake also houses many migratory birds from Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Himalayas.

The birds come to the Chilka Lake in between October and March. But the best time to visit Chilka Lake is during winter. Many tourists come to Chilka during the winter season to see the birds in their natural habitat.

The tourists can reach Chilka Lake by driving down the National Highway 5. Plenty of buses and taxis are also available that help the travelers to reach from Puri to Chilka Lake.

Tourists visiting the Chilka Lake can put up at the Orissa Tourist Development Authority while they are on a trip to the Chilka Lake.

Last Updated on : 23 June 2011