Puri to Nandankanan

A trip from Puri to Nandankanan might help the tourists to explore the magnificence of the wildlife sanctuary of Orissa. The Nandankanan Zoo is situated about 25 kilometers from Bhabaneshwar.

Nandankanan Zoo is located in the Chadaka wildlife sanctuary and is known to be India's best zoo. Tourists can take taxis, buses or auto rickshaws in order to reach Nandankanan from Puri.

Nandankanan zoo of Orissa offers a perfect spot for picnicking in Orissa. An excursion from Puri to Nandankanan zoo seems to be very popular among the tourists coming to Orissa.

At the Nandankanan zoo, the tourists can enjoy the thrill of elephant rides, lion and white tiger safari, etc. Nandankanan is also known to be one of the best botanical gardens in India and thus weekend tours from Puri to Nandankanan seem to be a favorite among the tourists. The tourists can relax amidst the picturesque beauty of the garden.

The tiger safari is one of the favorite activities of the tourists at Nandankanan. Watching the animals in their natural habitat adds to the delight of picnicking at Nandankanan.

Besides, the tiger safari and elephant rides, the Nandankanan zoo also offer boating facilities in the Kanjia Lake. Riding on the toy train also seems to be popular among the tourists coming to Nandankanan.

Nandankanan is also known for its luxury resorts and budget hotels. The tourists coming to the Nandankanan zoo can put up at the government hotels, resorts, guests houses and lodges according to their preference.

Last Updated on : 23 June 2011