International Kite Festival, Rajkot

International Kite Festival, Rajkot is one of the major events which is celebrated in the city with sufficient fanfare. Every year in the month of January, the international kite festival takes place in the Rajkot city. Spectators from all over India gather in Rajkot to watch the colorful battle of kites.

Kite makers from all cities of Gujarat state and other parts of India flock to Rajkot on the event of the international kite flying festival. Those who fly the kites play a very interesting role in this festival. It becomes a matter of pride for the kite flyer to win over his competitor. This is done by cutting the kite thread.

While those flying the kites completely engross themselves into the game, those watching the festival cheer up the competitors time and again. Since the month of January is characterized by a smooth and calm weather, hence it is the apt time for flying kites. At the end of the International Kite Festival in Rajkot the winner is rewarded in front of a huge crowd of spectators.

Rajkot is a city of bright festivals. From religious to social all types of fairs and festivals occur in Rajkot. The people of Rajkot are known to celebrate each and every festival with great enthusiasm. The international kite festival is one such occasion which has gained popularity not only in Rajkot but also in other regions of Gujarat state as well.

Today, Rajkot is visited by a large number of tourists who come to the place specially to watch the international kite festival.

Last Updated on 06/06/2013