Rajkot Municipal Corporation

The Rajkot Municipal Corporation is a part of the local government of the city. It is also called RMC in short. The Rajkot Municipal Corporation is one of the most important organizations that are associated with the basic administration of the city in Gujarat.

The main aim of the Rajkot Municipal Corporation at Rajkot is to offer a variety of services related to the infrastructure of the city. The work done by this organization is widely appreciated as it encourages the use of the latest trends in the market for providing the best possible service to the common people who live in the city. The Rajkot Municipal Corporation in Rajkot also encourages the participation of the private sector companies in the different projects related to the development of infrastructure of Rajkot.

The Rajkot Municipal Corporation provides a variety of facilities for the convenience of the citizens. Some of the major sectors of the infrastructure of the city that the Rajkot Municipal Corporation is involved with are the sewerage system, supply of water, street light facilities, management of solid wastes, improvement of slums and housing projects. All these sectors are meant to provide the basic amenities that are necessary for living a comfortable and safe life.

Rajput, being one of the most well known industrial centers of the state, needs a well built infrastructural system to support the industries of the place. Therefore, a corporation like the Rajkot Municipal Corporation is of much importance to this city.

Last Updated on 06/06/2013