Rajkot-Bhavnagar tour is the most famous weekend tours from Rajkot. Bhavnagar was established in 1723 AD by Bhavsinghji Gohil.

Some of the important sites that deserve special mention in the sightseeing excursions in Bhavnagar are:
  • Takhteshwar Temple - Takhteshwar Temple is situated on a high plinth on a hill. The high shikhara situated in the temple is among the important landmarks in Bhavnagar.

  • Barton Library - Barton Library is one of the oldest libraries of Gujarat. It is a two storied building having a central tower and two wings. The library is constructed in Gothic style: the arch windows and sloping roof is reminiscent of Gothic architecture.

  • Gandhi Smriti - Gandhi Smriti is a library that has a huge collection of books and photographs of Mahatma Gandhi. The library also known for its fine collection of artifacts relating of the culture of Saurashtra.

  • Nilambag Palace - Nilambag Palace is a heritage hotel standing on a huge estate of 10 acres. Nilambag Palace was designed by a German architect in 1859 AD and had been a royal residence.

  • Gangajalia - Gangajalia is a temple that was designed by Sir John Griffith. The temple is dedicated to Gangadevi and is posited at the center of a former tank.

  • Town Hall - Town Hall, formerly known as Darbar Hall, is an imposing structure built in colonial style. It is said that the coronation of Sir Krishnakumarsinhji took place at the Town Hall. The Town Hall is situated in the Victoria Park that covers an area of 500 acres (approximately).
We also come across a number of locations situated near Bhavnagar that forms an inseparable part of tourism in Bhavnagar. To name a few:
  • Piram Islands
  • Talaja
  • Velavadar
  • Alang
  • Sihor
  • Palitana
  • Ranpur
  • Gopnath
These tourist attractions located in Bhavnagar largely contribute towards Rajkot-Bhavnagar weekend tours.

Last Updated on 07/06/2013