Tara Devi Temple

Tara Devi Temple is one of the notable temples of Shimla. Tara Devi Temple captivates even the most life's battle hardened soul by its ethereal beauty and splendid location.

Tara Devi Temple is situated at a height of 1851 meters above sea level. Tara Devi Temple is situated at a distance of 11 kilometers from Shimla. Tara Devi Temple is accessible by rail, bus and car. The road is the National Highway 22 (NH 22).

Tara Devi Temple has an unique history. Tara Devi Temple was built approximately 250 years ago. Legend was that the goddess Tara Devi was brought to Himachal Pradesh from the eastern Indian state of West Bengal. According to that legend a King of the Sen Dynasty of Bengal visited Himachal Pradesh. The King was in the habit of carrying his personal family idol around the upper torso of his arm.

One day while hunting in the dark and dense forests of Juggar, Raja Bhupendra Sen fell asleep and had a dream; in the dream he saw his family deity Ma Tara and her consorts Dwarpal Bhairav and Lord Hanuman requesting him to unveil them before the common economically dis- empowered populace.

Inspired by his dream, Raja Bhupendra Sen donated 50 bighas of land and sponsored the construction of a temple in the land. The first Idol was made of wood which was installed in accordance with Vaishnav traditions. Later generations of the Sen Dynasty gradually improved the structure. Raja Balbir Sen commissioned the 'Ashtadhatu' deity which is still seen today.

Last Updated on : 25 March 2011