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Trekking in Shimla

Trekking in India has achieved great significance within a short span of its arrival here. An adventure sport by nature, it is being enjoyed by nature lovers because here they get the chance to explore and spend time in the nature. You can also discover the the cultures of the people staying in the hills of Shimla.

You can enjoy trekking in the routes over the passes between the Shimla region and the Kullu valley among the trees of Oaks and Deodars and shrubs of Rhododendrons.

Right Time for Trekking :
Generally the summers (from March to August) are the most suitable period for trekking in Shimla. If you have a professional training in Trekking, you can take a chance during the winters. You should avoid trekking in rainy season because during this season a lot of landslides take place in the hilly areas.

For Training :
If you want to take training before beginning, check out the basic and intermediate courses of trekking at the Manali Mountaineering Institute.

Health Care and Fitness :

You cannot start off an adventure sport like Trekking in Shimla without proper physical fitness. It would be better if you could spend sometime in Shimla to make yourself adapt to its climate.

Last Updated on : 25 March 2011

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