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Shimla Economy

The Shimla economy is mainly dependent upon the revenue from travel and tourism industry and the agriculture and horticulture in the region. Shimla is a beautiful hill resort. As such the place is being flocked by thousands of tourists not only from the Indian sub continent but abroad too.

The majority portion of the Shimla people are either placed into the tourism industry or into the administrative department of Shimla. A vast number of the people of Shimla have taken the occupation of either a travel agent, guide or a photographer or something related to the tourism industry like hotels and the restaurants. Shimla's economy is being run to a large extent by the tourism industry that has developed gradually over the years.

The economy of Shimla is heavily dependent on the growth of the small scale industries. The small scale industries in Shimla primarily includes jute industry, leather industry, food processing industry, wood industry and the like. The Lakkar bazaar is a major shopping center of Shimla where the tourists gather to pick up their choice that ultimately adds up to the economy of Shimla.

Shimla is the administrative capital of the state of Himachal Pradesh. As such there are many important departments and offices of the governing body in Shimla. The people working in theses offices are the cogs and screws of the economy of Shimla.

Besides the above, Shimla has a number of health cares like the Indira Gandhi Hospital, Snowden Hospital and so on that also helps in the economy of Shimla.

Last Updated on : 4/26/2012

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