Jakhu Temple , Shimla’s Popular Hanuman Mandir

Jakhu Temple Shimla
The main temple complex of Jakhu Temple, Shimla

The Jakhoo Temple, popularly known as the ‘Hanuman Mandir,’ is a must-visit destination in Shimla. It is a place of worship for devotees of Hanuman, also known as the ‘Pawan Putra.’ The temple is associated with a legend from the Ramayana, where Hanuman rested on his way to fetch the Sanjeevani Booti, a healing herb, for Lord Ram’s brother, Lakshman.

Located 2.5 km from the Ridge’s Christ Church, the temple sits atop Jakhoo Hill, which is the highest peak in Shimla, standing at an altitude of approximately 8,050 feet. A scenic trail connects the temple to the vicinity of the church, offering a delightful trekking experience. Along the trail, hidden amidst the deodar trees, stands a magnificent 108 feet tall statue of Hanuman. The journey to the temple takes around 20-30 minutes on foot, but hiring a taxi can get you there in just 5 minutes.

The main temple complex features engraved marble footprints of Lord Hanuman, which are revered by devotees. Additionally, you can find paintings and statues of Lord Hanuman and Lord Ram within the complex. The air is filled with the pious chants of bhajans (devotional songs) and the enchanting sound of bells ringing.

One of the most amusing aspects of visiting the Jakhu Temple is the presence of monkeys in and around the temple premises. Some monkeys are considered as Lord Hanuman’s “vanar sena” (Monkey Army) and appear welcoming to visitors. However, others are notorious for snatching items from unsuspecting visitors. It is advisable to refrain from carrying wallets, cameras, and especially any food items as these mischievous temple guards may snatch them. Carrying a stick can prove helpful in scaring away the monkeys before they startle you.

Overall, a trip to the Jakhoo Temple offers a spiritual and adventurous experience, blending serene worship with natural beauty and encounters with playful monkeys.

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