Nathula Pass Sikkim

Nathula Pass which is situated on the border of India and China was also known as Silk Route as it was one of the most important route of trade between the silk traders from Tibet and Sikkim. It is through this route that the Tibetans fled from Tibet after China captured it in 1950. Few years later, a fierce battle between India and China took place and a major battle occurred at this Pass after which the trade route was closed in 1962. After almost a span of 45 years, the trade network was re-opened in the year 2006.

Nathula Pass in Sikkim is only 56 kilometers away from the state capital Gangtok in the Tinetan Plateau. The trade route is situated at an elevation of 14450 feet above sea level and is one of the highest routes to have metaled road for motor vehicles. The pass is also popular because of its scenic beauty and dense vegetation of fauna and flora.

Nathula Pass at Sikkim is a favorite place of trekkers as they get to explore the wide range of Himalayan vegetation and wildlife. The place is a perfect retreat from the noisy and crowded cities. The calm and cool nature of the Pass attracts thousands of tourists every year.

The nearby attractions to Nathula Pass of Sikkim are the two prominent pilgrimage. One belong to the Buddhists while the other to the Hindus. The Buddhist pilgrimage near Nathula Pass is Lhasa which is also known as Roof of the World while the Hindu pilgrimage is Mansarovar Lake or the place of Spiritual Freedom.

Last Updated on : 7 March 2013