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The town of Pelling lies in is the West Sikkim district. Pelling is positioned at 7,200 feet (2,150 meters) altitude. This town is situated 10 kilometers away from Geyzing, which is the district headquarters. The two towns are usually connected by regular bus services. Pelling connects to different towns of Jorethang, Namchi and Kalimpong through regular jeeps. Moreover, the town is developing even more with properly maintained roads and introducing even more hotels as the inflow of tourist is on a rise.

One can view the serene beauty of Kanchenjanga and the majestic Himalayas very closely. Pelling is the land for a lot of adventures. Many trekkers and adventure lovers from all over the country come to West Sikkim and willingly go for arduous treks. Pelling is surrounded by virgin land and has many alpine vegetation. The place has a number of waterfalls along the hillside. Sometimes during the winter season, a blanket of snow covers the town.

Sikkim's capital city Gangtok is at a distance of 115 kilometres and Siliguri is about 135 kilometres from Pelling. One can enjoy the panoramic beauty of Himalayan peaks covered in snow. The Pelling town in Sikkim state is known as a peaceful travel destination. Pelling is said to be the most beautiful places in Sikkim. Because of the town's glorious history, culture and nature, many tourists get attracted here. The town is very famous for many getaways like soft trek routes, waterfalls, soothing atmosphere and villages. On top of the hills covered with forests, the city has a large stadium of snow, cloud and rock.

It is important for foreigners to know that they can enter Sikkim only with a permit, which one can get at Siliguri.

The tourists should also know that if they are staying in Pelling, they can reach Kanchenjunga. They would not have to be away from their comfort of finding good hotels. The location of the town is very good and advantageous. This place has many lodges and hotels coming up, providing tourists with a variety of accommodation.


Pelling is said to be as the shoppers' favourite stop. All the shopaholics will surely find something or the other to take home. One can look for carpets, which are hand woven. Tourists can also get good hand woven things like shawls and traditional motif. One should also shop for Lepcha weaves blankets and the elaborately carved tables, which are locally called as choktse. The town has many other things that one can buy here like the canvas paintings, Buddhist and religious items, handmade paper products, cloth bags, Thangkas and wall hangings.

Places to see in and around Pelling

  • Pemayangste Monastery- The town has a special Pemayangste Monastery. This monastery is only for the pure monks called as 'ta-sang' lamas. This is said to be designed and conceptualised by Lhatsun Chhembo who is Sikkim's Buddhism pioneer. Pemayangste Monastery is Sikkim's nuclei of many monasteries. Now it is the premier and prime most monastery of Sikkim. This place is also very crowded in Sikkim.
  • Sangacholing Monastery- It is situated on ridge above Pemayangtse Monastery and the town. One has to cross thick and dark forests through the hilly slope to finally reach this monastery. It is advisable to the tourist to make sure that they visit this monastery during the Pelling sightseeing. This is not that well known as the Pemayangtse Monastery. However one can be mesmerised by its beauty and peace.
  • Khecheopalri Lake- It is one of Sikkim's most sacred lakes which is made by the Buddhists and Hindus. This place is also listed among the most beautiful places to visit as a sightseeing location in Pelling. The lake is covered by lush green and thick forests. It is understood that the birds around the lake make sure that not even a single leaf floats on the lake.
  • Rock garden and waterfall near Rimbi
  • Kanchenjungha Falls
  • Chhange Waterfalls
  • Singshore Bridge
  • Yuksom
  • Hee Burmiok
  • Dzongri
  • Rinchenpong
Best Time to visit

One can visit the place anytime, but not the monsoon between mid-June and August. But, the best time to visit Pelling is in mid-February to May-end and mid-September to December. Where on one hand the winters are too cold, summers are very pleasant. During summers, it is preferable wearing light cotton clothes and one should carry along warm clothes in winter. Carrying a folding umbrella would be very useful.

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Last Updated on : 10/10/2013