Sikkim By Train

Traveling by train in Sikkim is the most important option for tourism in Sikkim. Railways form an important part of transport in Sikkim: therefore, getting to Sikkim by train is one of the most sought after option for transport.

The territory of Sikkim is devoid of any railway tracks, due to the ruggedness of the terrain. In spite of the fact that railway is absent from Sikkim; yet, railways seems to be the first choice of the tourist for getting to Sikkim. It is noteworthy in this context that getting to Sikkim by train or traveling by train in Sikkim is the more economical than any other mode of transport.

Moreover, reaching by train at Sikkim calls for a lot of excitement. Traveling by train in Sikkim implies a vivid tour across the varied landscapes of Sikkim. While traveling by train to Sikkim one can get a glimpse of the topographical variations of Sikkim.

Furthermore, talking about traveling by train in Sikkim, it can be said that nearest railway station of Sikkim is New Jalpaiguri. Sikkim is connected to the parts of India by a series of trains from New Jalpaiguri. An estimate of the train schedule at New Jalpaiguri station is as follows:

Train From Arrival Departure
Teesta-Torsa Sealdah 0345 hours 1340 hours
Dibrugarh Chen Express Chennai 1950 hours 2225 hours
Uttar Banga Express Sealdah 1005 hours 2115 hours
North East Express Delhi 0935 hours 0640 hours
Lohit Express Jammu 1430 hours 2205 hours
Dadar Express Mumbai 0530 hours 0755 hours
Kamrup Express Howrah 0640 hours 1755 hours
Bangalore Express Bangalore 0015 hours 2330 hours
Ernakulam Express Cochin 0015 hours 1725 hours
Kanchen Kanya Sealdah 0645 hours 1815 hours
Darjeeling Mail Sealdah 0850 hours 2005 hours
NJP Sealdah Express Sealdah 1905 hours 0930 hours
Capital Express Danapur 0430 hours 1530 hours
Avadh-Assam Delhi 1615 hours 0535 hours

Last Updated on : 7 March 2013

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