Commonwealth Games 2010, Delhi

Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
AUS 74 55 48 177
IND 38 27 36 101
ENG 37 59 46 142
CANADA 26 17 32 75
SOUTH AFRICA 12 11 10 33
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Commonwealth Games is one of the most prestigious international sport event in which athelets and sportsmen from all across the globe participate. This multiple-sport event is the third largest, the top two being Olympic Games and Asian Games. It is organized once in every 4 years. The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) oversees the sports those are played. The sports also include those like Rugby Sevens, Netball etc which are played mosty in the Commonwealth countries.


In 1891, Astley Cooper, in his article "The times" put forward the idea of a "Pan-Britannic-Pan-Anglican Contest and Festival every four years as a means of increasing the goodwill and good understanding of the British Empire". Thus a sport competition was proposed for the first time that would bring the British Empire members together.

In the year 1911, an inter-empire sports championship was organized at the "Festival of the Empire". Following this, the first commonwealth Games was organized in 1930 at Hamilton, Ontario. Back at 1930, the Commonwealth Games was known as "British Empire Games". In 1954, the Games was played under the title "British Empire and Commonwealth Games". The title was further changed in 1970 to "British Commonwealth Games". The games assumed its present name "Commonwealth Games" in 1978. At present more than 70 teams participate in the Games.

Queen's Baton Relay

Queen's Baton Relay is a prestigious tradition of the Commonwealth Games. The Baton which carries a message from the Queen, the Head of the commonwealth Games, is handed over to the first runner of the relay. The relay starts from Buckingham Palace in London and makes a tour of the whole world. Finally on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the Games, the baton is handed back by the last runner to the queen and the message is then read aloud.

Editions of the Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games started in 1930. Since then there has been many editions of the Games. All the editions are listed below for you to have a look.

  • First edition took place at Canada in 1930
  • Second edition took place at England in 1934
  • Third edition took place at Australia in 1938
  • Fourth edition took place at New Zealand in 1950
  • Fifth edition took place at Canada in 1954
  • Sixth edition took place at Wales in 1958
  • Seventh edition took place at Australia in 1962
  • Eighth edition took place at Jamaica in 1966
  • Ninth edition took place at Scotland in 1970
  • Tenth edition took place at New Zealand in 1974
  • Eleventh edition took place at Canada in 1978
  • Twelfth edition took place at Australia in 1982
  • Thirteenth edition took place at Scotland in 1986
  • Fourteenth edition took place at New Zealand in 1990
  • Fifteenth edition took place at Canada in 1994
  • Sixteenth edition took place at Malaysia in 1998
  • Seventeenth edition took place at England in 2002
  • Eighteenth edition took place at Australia in 2006
  • Nineteenth edition took place at India in 2010

Sports and Nations

Thirty-one sports and seven para sports have been approved by the Commonwealth games. Some of these sports are netball, rowing, boxing, wrestling, squash, shooting, sailing, swimming, rowing, rugby, water polo, tennis, weight-lifting etc.

Some of the nations that participate in the Commonwealth games are Australia, India, Canada, Bangladesh, Ghana, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Pakistan, Scotland and Wales to name a few.

Commonwealth Games, 2010

India has got the prestigious opportunity to host the Commonwealth Games, 2010. This is the nineteenth edition of the Games that would take place in Delhi. It will take place from 3rd October- 14th October, 2010. The opening ceremony of the Games will happen at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium of Delhi. This is the first time that India is hosting the Commonwealth Games whereas it is second opportunity for Asia.

The estimated budget for conducting the games is supposed to be more than US$ 1.6 billion. This would make the Commonwealth Games the most expensive ever.

Some of the well known venues that would be used for the Games are Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi Indira Gandhi Arena, Dhyan Chand National Stadium, Delhi University sports complex, Siri Fort Sports Complex, Thyagaraj Stadium, Talkatora Stadium, Yamuna Sports Complex, RK Khanna Tennis Complex, SPM Swimming Pool Complex.

The most unique feature of the Commonwealth games 2010 is that the oraganizers of the Games along with the United Nations Environment Programme has signed up the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding), with the aim to take care of the environment while making preparations for the Games.

The mascot of the Commonwealth Games 2010 is an anthropomorphous Tiger called Shera. Idiom Designing and Consulting has designed the look and the logo for the Games. The Queen' baton Relay had started its tour in 29th October 2009. it will reach the opening ceremony of the 2010 Games 0n 3rd October 2010. Some of the sports that will be played at the Games are diving, swimming, archery, boxing, hockey, tennis wrestling, boxing, shooting, rugby, to name some. Kabaddi will also be demonstrated in this 2010 Games. The participating countries are Australia, Bangladesh, England, Canada, Ghana, Africa, Srilanka and Many more.

Last Updated on : 14 September 2010