Art and Culture

Surat is an ancient city in the Indian state of Gujarat. The place is also known as India's western gateway because of its strategic position. People of many races from various places have come to Surat from the ancient times, because of which, the city has witnessed a synthesis of many ethnicities and cultures.

The art and culture of Surat is much diversified and the people here are generally of soft nature. The pleasure loving people of Surat have a very stylish and spirited outlook. The language that is mostly spoken in the Surat City is Surti Gujrati language. The Surti literature is very rich.

The people in Surat have keen interest in music and dance. The People in Surat enhance the cheerfulness of any occasion or festival with their traditional songs and dances. They take much pride in their songs, dances and dramas that form an inseparable part of the Surat culture. The most popular forms of performing art in Surat and in the state of Gujarat are:
  • Ras
  • Garba
  • Tippani Nritya
  • Siddi dance
  • Padhar Nritya
  • Dangi Nritya
There are also some local tribal dances that are still practiced in the interior areas around the city of Surat. The folk drama in Gujarat is known as Bhavai, it is also famous in the city of Surat. The city is well known for its varied kind of handicrafts and artifacts.

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Last Updated on : 3/06/2013