Kite-flying festival in Surat

The kite-flying festival in Surat is celebrated on the eve of the Makar Shankranti in the month of January. The international meet for the same event is held in the city of Ahmadabad in the state of Gujarat. The 4 leg event commences in the city of Surat and Bhavnagar and culminates in the Uttarayan in the city of Ahmadabad. Although held in a smaller scale than in the city of Ahmadabad, the festival of kite flying in Surat attracts several participating connoisseurs from different parts of the district.

International participants arrive form France, Malaysia, Korea, Abu Dhabi, U.K, China and Israel and other countries to participate in the event. The jubilant enthusiasm and spirit of the national and international participants reverberates in the city of Surat. The kite flying continues from the break of dawn till the end of the day. During the day, the spectators can view the artistic and technical skills with which the participants decorate their kites. With nightfall, the 'tukkals' adorn the sky. These are special kinds of illuminated box kites that are strung together in a series.

The international counterpart of the kite flying festival in Surat was started in the year 1989 in the city of Ahmadabad. Since then, the event of kite flying at Surat has gained popularity and now has several spectators who gather to cheer the participants. The enthusiasm and the spirit of the participants are appreciated. It is during this important events and festivals of Surat that the sky is decorated with a plethora of colorful and designed kites.

Last Updated on : 3/06/2013