Cultural Traditions of Thrissur

The rich cultural traditions of Thrissur are reflected in the various indigenous performing arts, religious festivals and social customs of the place. The cultural hub of Kerala, Thrissur has a unique culture that enthralls and enchants every visitor who visits the beautiful place.

Representing the architectural splendor of the bygone era, Thrissur houses numerous religious shrines that speak volumes about the artistic creativity and imaginative skills of the local craftsmen of the area. The Vadukkumnathan Temple is one of the prominent sacred monuments of Thrissur that celebrates the festival of Pooram with much pomp and show.

Thrissur is famous for its numerous centers that impart training on traditional art of the place. Some of the renowned cultural schools of Thrissur are the Kerala Sahitya Academy, Kerala Kala Mandalam and Kerala Natak Academy.

Thrissur celebrates the traditional festivals of Onam and Pulikkali with great enthusiasm and fervor. On the festive occasion of Onam, the artists of the traditional performing art of Kathakali display their artistic caliber with great perfection and skill.

Keeping in tune with the rich cultural heritage and traditional legacy of Thrissur, the local inhabitants celebrate Pulikkali by painting their body with yellow color to resemble a tiger. The festival of Pulikkali is unique to Thrissur, where the enthusiastic participants acts like tigers for the recreation of the audience.

The tourists can experience the unique cultural traditions of the state of Kerala by visiting the beautiful place of Thrissur. Endowed with the unique cultural heritage, the artists of Thrissur cast a magical spell on the audience who are enchanted with their brilliant performance.

Last Updated on 01/06/2013