Custom of Thrissur

The custom of Thrissur represents the rich cultural heritage and traditional legacy of the state of Kerala. The unique cultural traditions of Thrissur comprise of several indigenous religious and social festivals of Onam, Thrissur Pooram and Pulikkali, which are celebrated with great enthusiasm and mirth by the indigenous inhabitants of the region.

Onam is one of the major festivals of Thrissur. Representing the glorious cultural traditions of the bygone era, the local inhabitants of Thrissur perform the traditional dance of Kathakali to mark the festival of Onam. The artists of the performing art of Kathakali beautifully enact the mythological characters of the religious epics of Hindu religion through their performance.

Thrissur Pooram festival draws several tourists who are absolutely awed by the grandeur and glory of the place. Celebrated around the ancient religious shrine of Vadakkumnathan temple and Paramekavu, the nearby temples of the area participate in the grand procession of elephants. The elephants of the temple are decorated with beautiful necklace and garlands. Accompanied with traditional musical instruments, which are played by renowned artists from the field of music, the elephants go round the city. Colorful umbrellas are an added attraction of the festival of Pooram.

Reflecting the unique culture of the region, Thrissur observes the festival of Pulikkali that fills the air with joy, mirth and happiness. Usually observed on the fourth successive day of the festival of Onam, the several local clubs of the place participates in the cultural fest of Pulikkali. The performers paint their body in yellow color with black stripes to look like tigers. The artists then perform several actions of a real tiger much to the amusement and recreation of the audience.

The custom of Thrissur portrays the rich artistic creativity and imaginative skills of the artists of the place.

Last Updated on 01/06/2013