Handicrafts of Thrissur

The handicrafts of Thrissur comprise of several handmade items of coir, brass and coconut shell. Representing the indigenous traditional art and craft of the region, the beautiful handicraft items portray the rich artistic creativity and imaginative skills of the local craftsmen of Thrissur.

The highly talented craftsmen of Thrissur produce fine items from brass, coir and coconut shells. The burgeoning handicraft industries of Thrissur have added to the financial strength of the state of Kerala. Thrissur region houses several small scale cottage industries that engage numerous local craftsmen.

The exquisitely designed traditional brass work of Thrissur draws the attention of every single visitor. Mat weaving and coir making are other prominent handicraft products of Thrissur that display the talent of the craftsmen. The local craftsmen of Thrissur have inherited the art of creating beautifully decorated items from coconut shells and coir from their forefathers who were experts of the field.

Endowed with immense potentialities, the highly talented experts of the handicraft industries of Thrissur produce several items that earn large chunk of revenues. The unique items of the handicraft industries of the region of Thrissur have an internationally acclaimed status.

The state government of Kerala has taken steps in the recent years to promote the traditional and indigenous handicraft industry of Thrissur. Most of the tourists who visit the place make it a point to purchase the handicraft products made out of coir, coconut shells, brass and horns of animals.

The unique products of the traditional industry of handicrafts of Thrissur reflect the rich artistic caliber of the local craftsmen of the region.

Last Updated on 01/06/2013