Shopping in Thrissur

Shopping in Thrissur can be very interesting for those on a Thrissur vacation. Thrissur in Kerala is renowned for its mesmerizing variety of silks. Bell metal curios, brass work, textiles and gold jewelry are typical buys, the shopaholic would find hard to resist when in Thrissur. If you are making a choice for a true memorabilia of the place from a wide array of display, look for things that are connected to Thrissur's very own culture to take home the true flavor of the region.

The silk produced in Thrissur are possibly the best buys while in the city. A variety of materials in myriad hues are sure to attract the tourists and visitors. Artifacts made of brass are also popular for their intricacy and use in common everyday life. Exquisitely crafted ornaments and embellishments in gold with in distinctly South Indian designs and alignments are also preferred by many.

The shops of Thrissur are welcoming with well behaved sales person who are always ready with a smile to help you decide what is best for you if you find yourself lost in the huge variety available. The best part is, you can shop at your own pace for delightful souvenirs to take back home.

Surabhi, Kairali or other government emporiums are good places to shop for things that are related to the culture and tradition of Kerala in general and Thrissur in particular. The prices here are reasonable and very much affordable and you can be at your peace of mind for the things come with a guarantee of authenticity.
  • Ambady Handicrafts
    X I /59, Nenmini Tourist Home,
    Near Post Office, East Nada,
    Guruvayur, Thrissur

  • Arakkal Silks
    Vatanappilly Kandassankadavu, Thrissur

  • Grand Silks
    Tokeyo Market, Kandassankadavu, Thrissur

Last Updated on 15/06/2013