Phulwari Sharif

Located at a distance of seven kilometers from the Patna Railway station, the "Phulwari Sharif" is an important religious city of Bihar. The place has a long religious history that is intensely attached with the birth and development of the Sufi culture in our country.

The Sufi saints of the ancient times had made Bihar one of the important centers of religious, social and cultural developments, and Phulwari Sharif was one such region where the Sufi saints had spread their message of love and toleration.

The small town of Phulwari Sharif has now turned into a prominent city and a notified area of the Patna district of Bihar. The present city of Phulwari Sharif constitutes majority of the Muslim population. The civilization of the city dates back to the days of inception of the Sufi culture in our country. The Phulwari Sharif had been frequented by most Sufi saints of that period, one of them being the famous Hazrat Pir Muzibullah Quadri.

The "Sangi Masjid" of the place bears relics of the rich architectural past of the region. Built in red sand stone by the Mughal Emperor Humayun, the Mosque is one of the main attraction for the tourist and believers of the Muslim religion. Phulwari Sharif can also boast of a religious educational institution, popularly known as the "Madarsa" which has played a cardinal role in spreading the light of enlightenment to the poor masses of the region.

Today, the city is one of the significant religious place of Muslims that attracts many devotees from all over the world, all through the year.

Last Updated on 29/05/2013