Haryana Gurudwaras

The Haryana Gurudwaras expound the immense significance of Sikhism which has prevailed in the land of Punjab from time immemorial. The holy faith of Sikhs - Khalsa - is believed to have been the prime reason behind the establishment of various Gurudwaras of Haryana.

The Badshahi Bag Gurudwara of Haryana is located in Ambala district of Punjab. The history of the Gurudwara dates back to the times of the revered Master of Sikhs - Guru Gobind Singh. In order to chastise his followers with the holy sermons of Guru Granth Sahib, Gobind singh instructed his pupil to erect a Gurudwara in Ambala.

Sis Ganj Gurudwara is another famous shrine of Sikhs which was built near the popular Anadpur Sahib area. The Gurudwara was erected to pay respect to the martyred leader of Sikhs - Guru Teg Bahadur Singh.

Manji Sahib Gurudwara speaks of the bliss of Guru Arjan Dev who was the fifth master of Sikh disciples. In the Jind district of Haryana, this quaint Gurudwara stands from several past decades.

The Sangat Sahib Gurudwara is in the Nanded area. The spot where Guru Gobind Singh rewarded his men for having great fight with the Mughals, is known to house the Gurudwara today.

Built to pay homage to the ninth master of Sikhs - Guru Teg Bahadur - the Dhamtan Sahib Gurudwara is established in the Jind district of Haryana.

Defining the holy beliefs of Sikhism, the Haryana Gurudwaras stands as the epitome of an ancient and rich religion.

Last Updated on : 1st April 2013