Vadodara People

The famous Vadodara People have made the city proud time and again. The people of Vadodara called the city the Sanskari Nagari or the city of culture. True to its name, Vadodara has given birth to several famous personalities who have contributed to the culture, art, music, politics and sports of the state and country as well.

Some of the famous people of Vadodara are;

  • Abbas Tyabji
  • Abdul Karim Khan
  • Brijesh Patel
  • Ishu Patel
  • Manilal Doctor
  • Satyam Patel

    Abbas Tyabji was one of the leading figures during the Salt Satya Graha of the 1930's. An able judge of the Baroda High Court, he threw himself to the Indian freedom movement. One of the legendary names in Indian classical music scenario, Ustad Abdul Karim Khan served as the singer in the court of the princely state of Baroda. One of the few cricketers from Gujarat who have represented India in Test cricket, Brijesh Patel was born in Vadodara. Ishu Patel is one of the greatest Indian born animators and film makers and hails from Vadodara. Manilal Doctor was an able lawyer and freedom fighter who received his early education in Vadodara. Satyam Patel was an eminent social worker from the city.

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    Last Updated on: 8/05/2013