Tourist Places in Vijayawada

The 'city of victory', Vijayawada is known to be an attractive city and there are a number of tourist places in Vijayawada. Located at about 275 Kilometers from the capital city of Hyderabad, the city of Vijayawada draw a number of tourists from all over the world. There are quite a few tourist places in Vijayawada located in different parts of the city. These include:
  • Kanakaa Durga Temple - Kanakaa Durga is believed to be the presiding deity of Vijayawada and her temple on the Indrakiladri Hills is a major travel attraction in Vijayawada. The self manifested deity at the temple is considered to be very powerful and therefore is a very pious religious spot.

  • Prakasam Barrage- The construction of this Barrage was completed in the year 1957 and is of a total length of 1223.5m. One can view the three canals that run through the city and also the beautiful lake.

  • Bhavani Island- This island is a major tourist attraction in Vijayawada and is located in the Krishna River, near the Prakasam Barrage. A perfect picnic spot, the scenic beauty of this island is bound to captivate all.

  • Undavalli Caves- Located in the village of Undavalli, the high hills provide a heavenly view and host fine specimens of cut-in architectural and sculptural model forms.

  • Gundala Church- Gundala Church is perched on top of a hillock on the eastern side of the Gundala town near Vijayawada. As far as popular information is concerned, Reverend Arlati who was the then rector of St Mary's Church, established a beautiful sculpture of Our Lady in 1825. The Gundala Church was later constructed and dedicated to her hallowed presence within the church. The church is now known as St Mary's Church, and popularly known as the Gundala Matha Shrine irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

    The Gundala Church experiences a mass spillover with the annual event of Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes held in the month of February. A colorful fair takes place during this festival that attracts thousands of pilgrims from the city of Vijayawada and across. The church is held in high regard for the affectionate statue of Our Lady and is known for her benevolence. The sacred church is one of the most visited pilgrimage and popular tourist places in Vijayawada.

  • Victoria Jubilee Regional Museum- The Victoria Jubilee Regional Museum in Vijayawada researches, acquires, conserves and exhibits, the evidence of people and their environment down the ages. It is essentially an archaeological museum established in 1887 and evokes the interest of people for education as well as enjoyment. The Victoria Jubilee Regional Museum cover specialized curatorial aspects and contain a wide range of objects, including manuscripts, documents, gold and silver coins, artifacts of all kinds, pottery, antiquities art, arms and armory, textiles, prehistoric tools and other archaeological objects.

    Located in Bandar Road in the city of Vijayawada, the main attractions of the Victoria Jubilee Regional Museum are the sculptures and paintings. The artifacts and specimens are well preserved and displayed so as to satisfy the curiosity of the visitors. The huge granite statue of Buddha and the limestone figure of Alluru Buddha attracts most of the focus of the visitors in Victoria Jubilee Regional Museum. One of the most visited among the tourist places in Vijayawada, is the Victoria Jubilee Regional Museum which displays a splendid sculpture of Lord Shiva. Dating back to the same period as the Alluru Budhha, from around 3rd to 5th century AD, the sculpture is important in its own right. Artifacts and objects belonging to the erstwhile Golconda kings, and other excavations at various historical sites are also on display.

    The Vijayawada Victoria Jubilee Regional Museum is open to the general public on all days from 10:30 am to 5 pm, except Fridays and public holidays. It charges no admission fee but photography is prohibited within the museum premises. Tourists can avail buses, taxis or autos plying regularly to the Victoria Jubilee Regional Museum from most parts of the city.

  • Pasupataastram Temple- It is one of the pilgrim sites that are frequently visited by the tourists who visit the city of Vijayawada. The temple recounts the legendary story of the epic hero Arjuna who obtained the infallible weapon of the Pasupataastram from Lord Shiva.

    The legend of the Pasupataastram recounts the encounter between Lord Shiva and the Pandava prince, Arjuna. Lord Shiva appeared before the prince Arjuna in the guise of a hunter and engaged in a quarrel over a wild boar. Soon they engaged in a furious combat, where prince Arjuna lost all his arms to the hunter. Although defeated, Arjuna did not forfeit the challenge. Impressed by the bravery of the prince, Lord Shiva blessed him and awarded him the weapon Pasupataastram.

    The Pasupataastram Temple is one of the primary attaction among all the tourist places in Vijayawada. The legend of Lord Shiva and Arjuna, is recounted in the inscriptions inlaid on stone in the Vijayeswara Temple. The celebrated combat is said to have occurred on the Indrakila Hill that is commonly associated with the legend. The legend is also an occasion of celebration in Tiruvetkalam near Chidambaram in the state of Tamil Nadu.

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