Located on the banks of River Yamuna, the small temple town of Bateshwar is at a distance of 70 km from Agra, Uttar pradesh. Bateshwar derived its name from Lord Vateshwarnath, the leading deity of the area. This temple town has many temples along the banks of River Yamuna.

Some of the temples have decorative ceilings and ornamental walls. Bateshwar attracts many tourists during October and November because of the famous fairs of the place. It is said that one who takes a holy dip in the River Yamuna of Bateshwar is purged of all sins.

Bateshwar is one of the oldest towns with a rich history. The small town was ruled by King Badan Singh of the Bhadawar dynasty who had built the temples of Bateshwar. Bateshwar also finds its mention in the holy scriptures of Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Matsya Purana.

Places of Tourist Interest of Bateshwar Bateshwar is an important place of tourist interest. The place has a religious significance for the followers of Jainism and Hinduism as well. Moreover, the place is blessed with natural and scenic beauty which makes Bateshwar all the more attractive. The important places that attracts tourist from all over India are:

  • Bateshwarnath Temple- The Bateshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva which attracts devotees from all over India, especially during the fairs and festivities

  • River Yamuna- The River Yamuna offers an spectacular view. In the evening tourist sit on the banks of the river to enjoy the cool breeze which refreshes and rejuvenates one's mind.

  • Shaouripur- The 22nd Tirthankar Lord Neminath was born in Shaouripur. This area attracts Jain and Hindu tourists as well.

The small town of Bateshwar is a major place of tourist attraction which provides a peace of mind far from the busy life of the city.

Last Updated on 01/06/2013



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