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Indian Air Force – the fourth largest air force in the world, one of the three main arms of the Indian Armed Forces, sentinels of the skies, pride of India. Established on 8 October 1932, the IAF was initially an auxiliary force of the Royal Air Force and later, after independence, has been the guardian of Indian air space. In each of the post-independence conflicts (Indo-Pakistan Wars of 1947, 1965, and 1999 and Bangladesh’s War [...]


According to the 2011 census, there were 640 districts in the country. By 2016, this number rose to 707. The formation or reorganisation of a new district is the subject matter of state administration. Formation of a new district helps in effective administration and in disbursement of benefits to the people. In 2016, a number of new districts were formed. Here is a state-wise summary of the new districts formed last year. Telangana If you [...]

Solar metro

India is waking up to a new age – the age of clean renewable energy and conservation of fossil fuel. From being a nondescript developing nation that finds mention in the footnotes of global chronicles, our great nation has stepped into the centre stage and taken on a leading role in the global battle against climate change and global warming. In the Paris COP 21 Climate Change Summit in 2015, India and France together launched the [...]

January 9, 2017
Presidents of India

1947 – The historic year when India gained its independence from years of oppressive British rule, culminating in a united protest that swept the nation into its patriotic fold. In 1947 – with India keeping its “tryst with destiny” – started the demanding but slow nation building process. The Constituent Assembly was formed and an epic constitution drafted. This constitution was the lengthiest in the world, reflecting the mind-boggling diversity of the country and enshrining [...]


November 8, 2016 – we’re not likely to forget this date all too easily. The demonetization of high denomination notes undertaken by PM Modi and the NDA government has indeed caused quite a stir. Add to this the cash withdrawal restrictions that were put in place and there has been hardly anyone in the country who remains untouched by the move. Not getting into the wisdom of the move, or lack thereof, one clear trend [...]


AIIMS – A Household Name “AIIMS has become a household name in India and abroad with people from all strata of society looking up to it to provide unbiased, affordable and quality healthcare.” This is how Prof. M C Misra, Director All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) opens his vision statement. This is just about right. For decades now, when the average Indian has sought the best of medical facilities and treatment, he has [...]


Ever since they won the Lok Sabha elections in 2014, the BJP government and Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, have launched a number of social security schemes. The aim of these schemes is to harness the immense power of India’s great population and enable financial and social security measures. Apart from schemes for financial inclusion, pension, and family insurance, PM Modi launched a housing scheme called the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY). The PMAY [...]


The beginning of a new year always brings much hope and expectation. Here are the 2017 predictions for the twelve zodiac signs based on your moon sign (rashi) - Also Know Significance of Astrology In Our Lives   Aries (Mesh) Mars, the ruler of Aries, gifts you with much energy and passion. This year you will need all the strength you can gather as a number of challenges come your way. Work-related stress and financial woes [...]


Ever since the government of India undertook its demonetisation drive, withdrawing old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes from the system and placing restrictions on withdrawal of cash, people from across the country have been turning towards digital payments as the only viable alternative. From plastic money to instant bank transfers and from digital wallets to account-linked transactions, the country is exploring newer ways to go cashless. Digital wallets, also popularly known as mobile wallets [...]


The beginning of a calendar year is celebrated across the globe with much hope and joy. People exchange wishes for growth, happiness, health, and prosperity. Here is our wishlist – a common man’s hopes and aspirations for India’s breakthrough growth in 2017. Impact of Demonetisation Demonetisation of the high value currency notes (Rs 500 and Rs 1000) and the subsequent withdrawal restrictions placed on the masses due to shortage of new currency notes, was one [...]