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After a long period of communication and discussions, DSK Motowheels and Benelli have finally announced their partnership venture to enter the Indian two-wheeler market. Alongside the announcement, the tie up has also revealed five brand new big motos that hit the showrooms just a few weeks after Diwali. The joint venture marks a giant step in the market progress with a huge fleet of premium motorcycles from Benelli waiting to be delivered for assembly in [...]

Concept Cars in Paris Auto Show

The Paris Auto show is on in full swing and has already registered hundreds of thousands of footfalls in just a week. Among the various automanufacturers and their feature launches and displays, we decided to make a list of the top ten concept cars that have been put up for display and are hogging most of the limelight through the sheer brilliance of their design and the thoughts behind their conceptualisation. Exciting concept cars in [...]

With players like Ford, Renault, Nissan, Mahindra, Volkswagen and their likes aggressively flooding the Indian market with mini SUVs, it was about time that our beloved Maruti Suzuki stepped forward with something equally exciting to offer. Earlier during the year and then again at the Paris Motor show this week, India’s leading automobile manufacturer Maruti Suzuki unveiled the Maruti S-Cross, based on the new Suzuki SX4 platform which has been available in the international market [...]

Third Generation BMW X5

Fifteen years ago, when the German auto giant BMW showcased their SUV X5, the company’s design DNA was very obvious in the form and shape of the car. It was built to be the first among its rivals with a monocoque construction. The first generation X5 was very popular in India as well and also became, for a brief period, the best selling SUV. In the third generation avatar, the X5 assures us the same [...]

Lamborghini Asterion Hybrid

One of the hottest new offerings at the Paris Motor show 2014 is an electric surprise from a company known otherwise for building some of the world’s fastest most ruthless and amazing looking supercars – the Lamborghini Asterion. Maybe it isn’t so much of a suprise, since almost every supercar manufacturer has tread the hybrid and electric car terrain – Ferrari, Mclaren, Rolls Royce, Porsche, they’ve all gone the fuel free way atleast once. The [...]

Anti Locking Braking System

Over the last decade, automobile manufacturers from around the world have made extensive efforts individually and collectively to make driving safer. Almost all global players have ensured the provision of anti-lock braking system (ABS) in most of their regular selling models. ABS is much more reliable and needs less repair and maintenance than the previous braking systems. ABS allows for extensive control on the vehicle in question, when it has been placed in a situation [...]

Car Steering

One of the most fascinating functional systems of an automobile is the steering wheel mechanism. Like most of the systems, its concept is simple. Turning the steering wheel turns the front wheels accordingly and the car changes direction. The story of the inside mechanism is, however, not that simple. Majority of the world’s steering systems are made up of the same components more or less. The steering wheel connects to the steering system, that connects [...]

Car Engine Downsizing to save fuel

With our fossil fuel supplies and the number of production cars locked in an irreplaceable inverse proportion on exponential levels where the former continues to drop and the latter explode in what seems to be an endless traverse through a curve, less is definitely more and not just on grounds of curbing our desires. The latest trending equation of what propels our cars involves significant reduction in the size and input of our internal combustion [...]

The automotive accessory market has been flooded with numerous goodies since decades, and with the love for accessorizing and customizing our cars, we Indians have a lot of exciting products to choose from, and install on our cars. The most common of them being music system upgrades, air fresheners, cell phone chargers, steering grips and custom seat covers. There are however some accessories which may not so much contribute to the visual appeal or provide [...]

BMW 760li Security Edition

As Modi’s performance metre scales up, his mobility solution too needs to be in a matching gear. When he was being sworn in, there were rumours about the Mahindra Scorpio becoming the Indian Prime Minister’s choice. He was even driven to the Rashtrapati Bhavan for the swearing-in ceremony in his Armoured Scorpio, which he’d been driven around in all through the 2014 General Elections. It is even said that Anand Mahindra, chairman and managing director, Mahindra [...]