Caramelised Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream

Caramelized Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream

A perfect dessert for kids and adults, I’m sure every one would just love this one. It will surely add a unique flavour to your dessert platter. Banana as a fruit is generally loved by all, and so is a nice big scoop of Vanilla ice cream. By combining both of these I created a powerful dessert combo which I call ‘Caramelized Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream’.

Bananas are cut into slices and caramelized with sugar in a pan over a gas stove, to give it a nice and sweet taste with the flavours of banana oozing out and surprisingly getting mixed with the hot sugary coating. While it is hot, it is topped with a bountiful scoop of Vanilla ice cream. The hot and cold taste of banana and ice cream does wonders to the palate and is simply irresistible. The recipe is easy to follow and make and should be made just after the dinner is over and its time for desserts. The presentation of the dessert looks wonderful and appealing. Make sure you have enough bananas at home for a second serving. So go ahead and indulge with every body in the flavours of Caramelized Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream.

All you need is

Banana – 2

Sugar – 1/4 cup

Vanilla ice cream – 1 scoop

Caramelized Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

Peel bananas and cut into slices.

Coat the slices in sugar from both the sides.

Heat a non stick pan and put these banana slices in a single layer.

Cook from both the sides till bananas are caramelized and browned.

Serve immediately with ice cream.