Real Estate in Agra

Real Estate in Agra shows huge potential. Real Estate in Agra, Uttar pradesh is a veritable goldmine both for the investor and the end user of the property.

The term 'Real Estate' in Agra implies land in the Agra metropolitan region with anything that is attached to the land-including building structures and its fittings.

Real Estate is currently undergoing a boom in Agra city. Real estate experts predict that:
  • The retail industry in Agra will expand by 40 percent more than its existing size during the next five years.

  • Organized retail will grow 15 percent in the Agra metropolitan region.

  • Real Estate in Agra will witness tremendous development of retail and its associated benefits. Currently organized retailing adds up to only 2 percent in Agra-the city which generates most of its revenues from tourism.

    India's expanding economy is also helping real estate in Agra to develop to its full potential. The economy is booming primarily due to the export of services from India to the developed countries.

    The outsourcing boom has increased the quantity of disposable income from the Indian population, which in turn has led to the construction of innovative shopping malls and high end residential complexes.

    A significant proportion of the Indian population lives in urban areas; this creates a demand for residential properties in Agra city. The premium residential property addresses include value added extras like round the clock security, power back-up,market and shopping malls inside the building complex.

    Real Estate in Agra is also drawing investment from established Indian developers.

    Last Updated on 01/06/2013