Gardens in Ahmedabad

There is a wide spectrum of gardens in Ahmedabad that exhilarate the gleam and appeal of this city located at the banks of the river named Sabarmati. This city is recognized worldwide since it homes the Sabarmati Ashram which belongs to 'The Father of the Nation' Mahatma Gandhi.

Other attractions include the gardens in Ahmedabad which are in real sense the perfect destination of holiday-makers, seeking an exotic location where a quite and serene ambiance prevails.

There are 3 gardens among the gardens in Ahmedabad that needs no prior introduction. They include Victoria Garden, Bal Vatika and Law Garden.

  • VICTORIA GARDEN:- It is a wonderful hideout for those romantic couples seeking a placid environment to share sweet moments with each other as well as for other people who desire to unwind and chill out. The Victoria Garden contains a statue of Queen Victoria which is a masterpiece in itself.

  • BAL VATIKA :- It is a kind of a children's park where they can act their age and do whatever they like without any interference from their concerned parents. It also serves as a wonderful spot for the parents to meet people and observe nature's splendor .

  • LAW GARDEN:- It got its name from the College of Law that is situated very close to it. It serves as a hub for those 'shopaholics', as scintillating pieces of handicrafts and a wide variety of Gujrati attires are sold here.

Ahmedabad has already been honored by a 'Green City Commendation Award' as a result of hours and hours of devoted service provided by the Government officials as well as the development committee workers to ensure proper maintenance of the gardens in Ahmedabad.

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Last Updated on : 3/11/2011