Victoria Garden

The Victoria Garden is placed at the southern verge of the majestic Bhadra Fort sited in Ahmedabad. The Victoria Garden is in true spirit a holiday-maker's delight, aptly loaded with all sorts of recreational amenities and an unparalleled exotic back drop which will beyond a shadow of a doubt free you from all your vexations. The ambiance that prevails at the Victoria Garden is genuinely so pristine that it takes you back on a journey down the memory lane to relish and re-live those nostalgic moments of your life once more.

The Victoria Garden is in true sense a splendid hide away from the chaotic and frenzied city life where you by no means can afford to relax and relinquish the scenic beauty of mother nature at her finest.

The Victoria Garden in Ahmedabad is enriched with an entire array of marvelous flower-laden plants that enhances the grandeur of this heavenly picturesque locale to tremendous extents. The flock of migratory birds that visit the Victoria Garden of Ahmedabad further lightens up the jovial aura that encircles this romantic destination.

The radiance that reflects from the Victoria Garden of Ahmedabad is further heightened by the auspicious presence of an amazingly life-like statue of Queen Victoria.

The spacious and delectable lawns and the promenades that are bordered with rejuvenating trees presents ample opportunities to the visitants to unwind and wisely spend their leisure hours far from the hectic and feverish city life.

If you pay a visit to Ahmedabad, be sure not to miss this enchanting destination which will sure occupy a permanent spot in your heart for the rest of your life.