Bal Vatika

The Bal Vatika as the name suggests is distinguished as a venue where your children can spend a few leisurely moments far away from the ever-so-busy schedule of their schools and the train of worries associated with the exams. The Bal Vatika of Ahmedabad was set up on the banks of the emerald blue waters of the Kankari Lake. The Bal Vatika is an island that will surely hold you spellbound at its soul-stirring scenic grandeur.

The placid ambiance and the unadulterated innocence of Bal Vatika not only provides a delectable locale for your kids, but also a perfect place for you to get away from the frenetic city life and freshen up your childhood memories.

This exotic destination is administered by the Municipal Corporation of Ahmedabad. The view of the Kankari lake that is presented before your eyes at the Bal Vatika situated in Ahmedabad will take your breath away. The Bal Vatika located in Ahmedabad provides a place for your kids to learn and have fun in a very disciplined manner.

The Bal Vatika in Ahmedabad has a wide collection of treats directed at the kids to assist them to interact with other kids of same age and exchange ideas and thoughts which is very vital for the proper mental and personality development of your child.

While your children are having a jolly time making new friends and playing to their heart's desire, you can also relax and get in touch with your true self which is almost impossible in the disorderly city life.