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Wildlife in Ahmedabad

The wildlife in Ahmedabad has its own charm and glitz as the city of Ahmedabad serves as the home of a wide range of exotic and rare species of birds and animals which will blow your mind.
The wildlife in Ahmedabad is mainly characterized by virtue of its uncanny variety in the housing of all sorts of birds starting from flamingos to bustards and from spoonbills to falcons.

The prominent sanctuaries that represent the wildlife in Ahmedabad are listed below:-

NALSAROVAR BIRD SANCTUARY :- This sanctuary situated at a distance of 70 kilometers from Ahmedabad represents a pleasant lake with clear blue waters, named Nal Sarovar and a marshy plot which serves as the docking site of an entire caboodle of migratory birds that undertake a sojourn from Siberia to reach this wonderful locale in the winter. Amongst the birds that frequently take a trip to this place, prominent once are Rosy Pelicans, Flamingos, White Storks, Brahmini Ducks and Herons. An added attraction is that tourists are transported in small boats to witness the radiant beauty of the sunrise and sunset.

THE KAMLA NEHRU ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN :- Known to house albino animals, this zoological garden is set up at a place close to the Kaneria Lake. A large range of birds, reptiles and mammals are also found here. Its museum of natural history is quite popular among the kids as they flock together to witness mummified birds and tiny wildlife panoramas. A couple of extremely uncommon Great Indian bustards is the chief crowd attractor.

THE RUNN OF KUTCH DESERT WILDLIFE SANCTUARY :- The wide variety of fauna which is characteristic of the wildlife in Ahmedabad that can be witnessed here include quails, eagles, falcons, harriers, vultures, larks, warblers, coursers,wolves, desert and Indian foxes, jackals, jungle cats and many others. It also homes the final species of Indian wild horses.

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