Lakes in Ahmedabad

Lakes in Ahmedabad have their own charm. They are indeed a spectacle to watch out for. Flocks of tourists from all over the globe gather here to witness the splendor that is presented before their eyes by mother nature. The clear blue waters of the lakes have an enchanting and mesmerizing effect on the holiday-makes which is why they always return to cherish the scenic grandeur of the lakes in Ahmedabad one more time.

There are two main lakes in Ahmedabad:-

Chandola Lake - Situated on the Dani Dalmi Road, it serves as a significant reservoir of Ahmedabad. This is also an artificial lake that was the inspiration and dream of an imperial Sultan belonging to the Mughal dynasty, Tajn Khan Nari Ali's better half.

Another feature of this lake is the grave of Shah Alam that is present adjacent to it. The domes of this grave was incidentally ornamented with priced jewels by Asaf Khan who happened to be Noor Jahan's sibling.

There is a sum total of 18 tiny domes and 3 huge domes. All are exquisitely carved by Saleh Badakshi. Nowadays this lake mainly provides water to carry out irrigation and serve the needs of the industries. This is one of the best lakes in Ahmedabad.

Kankaria Lake - This delectable lake is polygonal in shape located on the south-eastern outskirts of Ahmedabad which has 34 corners. This lake used to be the rendezvous point for the Great Mughal king Jehangir and his lovely spouse better known as Noor Jahan. Now it has become the hub of scintillating birds that visit this place quite frequently.

The beauty of this lake is augmented by the presence of beautiful gates and an island garden, designated as Nagina Wadi. It is apt for boating pleasures.