Law Garden

The Law Garden is sited at the ever-so-popular hub of the city entitled Ahmedabad. The Law Garden represents a center in Ahmedabad that is renowned for the exquisite handicrafts and a mind-boggling assemblage of Gujrati outfits which is reminiscent of the rich and coveted Gujrati tradition. These tempting amenities are provided by a host of local hawkers who present you with a lavishing opportunity to bargain to your heart's content.

The name Law Garden was coined in reference to the presence of a Law College at a close proximity from it. The Law Garden in Ahmedabad has something for people of all age groups. The Law Garden of Ahmedabad is well-dispersed across a relatively large plot which puts forward a scope to the visitants of all ages and tastes to find their niche in this thrilling venue and have a nice time.

Besides mind-blowing handicrafts and wonderful clothing, the Law Garden also dishes out an entire caboodle of recreational comforts which will take your breath away.

Chief attractions of the Law Garden of Ahmedabad are listed below:-
  • Soul-touching music, whose magical tunes will fill your heart and mind with a feel of pure and ecstatic pleasure.

  • Theaters that screen the most recent blockbusters from tinkle town of Bollywood as well as the magnanimous Hollywood film fraternity.

  • Classic food outlets that introduce you to the true taste of spicy and tangy Gujrati delicacies and also other mouth-watering delights.

  • Rides for kids also display a wide range for the cute toddlers to choose from.