Alappuzha hospitals

Alappuzha hospitals are equipped with modernized medical facilities for providing better health care services for patients from far and wide. Over the years many hospitals have developed in Alappuzha. All hospitals have qualified medical professionals to provide best treatments for patients. Hospitals of Alappuzha are divided into Ayurveda hospitals, Allopathic hospitals and Dental hospitals.

Warriers hospital and Panchakarma center, Sreehari ayurveda hospital, Krishnendu ayurveda hospital and Vrindavan ayurveda hospital are some of the ayurveda hospitals in Alappuzha.

Some of the dental clinics in Alappuzha are Mathew's Dental Clinic, Cosmetic Dental Clinic and Lab, Esjay Dental Clinic, Dr. Sivan Pillai Memorial Dental Clinic and Modern Dental Clinics and Speciality Center.

There are many hospitals in Alappuzha, which are equipped with modern technology. Some of these hospitals are listed below:

  • CKV Hospitals, Alappuzha
  • City Light Hospital, Haripad, Alappuzha

    Alappuzha hospitals have been providing world class treatments for their patients.

    Last Updated on 05 May 2011