Alappuzha Important Numbers

Alappuzha Important Numbers are the most important tools which any traveler should keep to ensure a happy stay in the city. Alappuzha is a very famous tourist destination and visited by people throughout the year and hence the need of emergency numbers is inevitable. The travelers should keep the important Alappuzha Phone numbers with them. The important Alappuzha telephone numbers of hospitals, police, ambulance, fire brigade and tourist service help the travelers immensely.

Most of the services available in Alappuzha are available for twenty four hours and the travelers can easily access to the services without any hesitant. A number of hospitals, tourists centers and information centers are there and their telephone numbers help the tourists.

Important Phone numbers of Alappuzha

  • Department of Tourism, Alappuzha 2260722
  • District Informatics Officer (NIC) 2252079
  • Medical College Hospital, Alappuzha 2251611
  • Rest House, Alappuzha 2253445
  • Superintendent, District Hospital, Alappuzha 2253324
  • Superintendent, W & C Hospital, Alappuzha 2251151
Alappuzha Important Numbers should always be kept by the travelers as well as the local people.

Last Updated on 05 May 2011