Alwar Tourism Industry

Tourism industry, Alwar is one of the main industries of the city. Alwar is a city of the state of Rajasthan . Tourism is one of the most significant parts of the economic life of this state.

Many people from across the globe come to visit the city of Alwar to view a number of places of interest. The industry of tourism at Alwar has helped to create employment opportunities in the hospitality sector of the city.

One of the reasons for the development of tourism industry at Alwar is the easy accessibility of the tourist spots. Another major reason for the popularity of this place as a tourist destination is the variety of tourist attractions that one can find in this city.

Being situated on the Aravalli fringes, the city offers fascinating natural views. The Alwar princely state has come into existence only in the 18th century and yet it houses Viratnagar, one of the most ancient places of India.

Alwar tourism offers a number of attractions for the tourists, which are widely visited by the people of India. Some of the major places of interest in the city are as follows:
  • Balaquila
  • Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri
  • Vinayvilas
  • Vijaymandir Palace
  • Siliserhlake
  • Neelkanth
  • Bhangarh
  • Rajgarh
There are a couple of tourist agencies that help to plan and organize a pleasure tour to Alwar. Two well known tourist agencies of Alwar are the Aathitya Travels and the Rajasthan Packages. Both these tourist agencies offer a wide range of tour and travel services like ticket booking, reservation of hotel, event management, car renting and planning tours.

Last Updated on 19 December 2011