Shopping in Alwar

The historical and traditional nature of the city makes shopping in Alwar a very exciting part of an Alwar tour. The entire state of Rajasthan is famous for their art works and Alwar is no exception. These unique items make shopping in Alwar a compulsion. Shopping in Alwar must include pottery items and jewellery which are the specialty of the region.

There are number of items for shopping in Alwar and the wafer-thin kagzi pottery is the most popular among them. Besides pottery, silver jewelery is also a specialty in the region and is a must buy while shopping in Alwar. Silver Jewellery with exquisite traditional designs flood the markets in Alwar and are bound to attract everybody.

Apart from pottery and silver jewellery, shopping in Alwar involves a number of other things. Handicrafts and art works are the strong holds of Alwar and it is clearly reflected in their shopping items. The other popular items for shopping in Alwar include:
  • Carpets
  • Embroidered leather Mojris or Jutis
  • Terracotta statues
  • Bangles
  • Dress Materials
  • Traditional Rajathani ghagra and cholis
There are a number of interesting destination of shopping in Alwar, these include:
  • Malakhers Bazaar
  • Saraf Bazaar
  • Kedalgang Bazaar
  • Hope Circus
  • Bazaza Bazaar

Last Updated on 19 December 2011