Beaches in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh Beaches Map

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Andhra Pradesh Beaches Map
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*Map showing Beaches in Andhra Pradesh. Disclaimer

The South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has many exotic "Beaches" within its area that overwhelms the tourist with its captivating and enchanting beauty. Many tourists visit the state to experience the rich gift of nature. All the beaches of Andhra Pradesh are unique in its own ways.

The state can boast of housing numerous beaches within its area. Some of the important beaches of Andhra Pradesh are:

Bheemunipatnam Beach

- The "Bheemunipatnam Beach" of Andhra Pradesh offers one with an incredible view of nature. The golden sandy beach and the deep blue sea water captures the imagination of the poets. The Beach is blessed with the best gift of nature. The long unending coastline of the sea is bordered by the tall coconut trees that adds to the beauty of the place.

One can experience the divine presence in the beach of Bheemunipatnam. Amidst the picturesque landscape, the Bheemunipatnam beach bears relics of the rich architectural tradition of the Dutch rulers. Once an important settlement of the Dutch rulers, the Bheemunipatnam Beach has many dilapidated forts and monuments that add to the exotic nature of the place.

Situated at a distance of 24 kilometers from the "port city" of Vishakapatnam, the Bheemunipatnam beach lies at the opening of the River Gosthani. The Bheemunipatnam beach is always full of tourist. Attracted by the natural and scenic beauty of the place, most of the tourist visit the Bheemunipatnam beach to spend the weekends. The beach offers the tourist with an excellent opportunity to explore and experience the bountiful gifts of nature. While some tourist can enjoy sun bath on the beach, others can swim in the deep blue sea. For those who want to add a little adventure to their holidays, the beach provides for many adventurous sporting events where one can explore his or her sporting skills.

The Bheemunipatnam Beach is easily accessible air, road and railways. The sojourn to one of the most wonderful beach of Andhra Pradesh is very exciting and thrilling that fills the tourist with a sense of delight.

Ramakrishna Beach

- The "Ramakrishna Beach" of Andhra Pradesh provides the tourist with the most exhilarating and thrilling experience. The exquisite natural and scenic beauty of the place attracts Indian and foreign tourist. The serene environment accompanied by the picturesque landscape of the region, spells magic on the tourist who are bewitched by the captivating beauty of the Ramakrishna Beach. Far from the hustle bustle of the busy city life, the beach of Ramakrishna, fills the tourist with a sense of pleasure.

The attractive Ramakrishna Beach is one of the favorite holiday destinations for the young and old alike who wants to spend some time in solitude. Located near to the "port city" of Vishakapatnam, the Ramakrishna Beach offers with an wonderful experience of staying close to nature. The charming Ramakrishna Beach and the Lawson's Bay enchants the tourist with its fascinating beauty.

One can explore the wonderful Ramakrishna Beach by walking on its beach that relieves one of the strains and stress of the daily routinized and busy life of the city. The beach is very safe for swimming also. The tourist can indulge in the various adventurous sporting activities and find out their latent sporting skills. The unending and the long coastline is bordered by tall coconut trees that adds to the beauty of the place.

The Ramakrishna beach has an aesthetic appeal to the tourist who are bewitched by the beautiful landscape of the region. The pleasant and cool breeze, the infinite blue sky and the valiant sea has a very soothing affect on the tourist who derive eternal pleasure by visiting the place.

Manginapudi Beach

- Maginapundi (Machilipatnam) Beach is famous for its natural beauty. The sandy stretches and the ocean blue water of this will mesmerize every visitor. Manginapudi (Machilipatnam) Beach is also the right place for sunbathing.

Maginapundi (Machilipatnam) Beach is located in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. The charm of the sand and water makes this a must visit spot for everyone going on a Beach Tour in Andhra Pradesh. This beach is also important for its historical background. History says that this was a very popular port city. Thus many people also come to this place for an educational tour.

There are very few hotels near the Manginapundi Beach, so those who are interested in enjoying its charm will have to accommodate themselves in the hotels of Machilipatnam and other nearby towns.

Apart from sunbathing, swimming is the major attraction of the Manginapudi Beach. Some of the local people also offer massage. You can enjoy bathing in the sun with delicious sea foods that are sold around the beach. Small kiosks are set up near the beach where home made local delicacies are served in very reasonable rates. Sea fishes are most attractive among the dishes sold here. One can taste various spicy and mouth watering fish meals in these food stalls. You can also enjoy the view of the golden shore while the pleasing sea breeze caress your shoulders.

Locally made handicraft items are also sold near the beach. The decorative items made of sea shells are perfectly suitable for being carried back as souvenirs. You can get some exclusive pieces of jewelery in these shops.

The tranquil water of Maginapundi (Machlipatnam) Beach has made it the perfect place for a beach holiday.

Mypad Beach- Mypad Beach is popular for its wonderful coastline. The long stretch of greenery near the sea makes the place different from most of the other beaches of the state. The clear water and the golden sand together has made the Mypad Beach a luring site for all the beach lovers. The greenish water is also unique to this beach. The color of the water makes the view very refreshing. The golden sand here is the perfect spot for sunbaths.

The Mypad Beach of Andhra Pradesh is located at a distance of about 25 km from Nellore. The picturesque beauty of the beach attracts many tourists to this place every year. To enjoy the complete charm of the Mypad Beach you can plan a weekend trip to this place. There are not many hotels in this locality but you can arrange for accommodation in the hotels in and around Nellore. Hotel Shivam International and Hotel Murali Krishna are the nearest ones to the Mypad Beach.

Hotel Shivam International is of the three star category. It offers wonderful dining, recreational and other leisure facilities. The rooms of Shivam International are airy and luxurious.

Lush green coconut trees that line up the coastline gives Mypad Beach its emerald look. Those who are not interested in sunbathing may rest and relax in the shades provided by the trees. Moreover their presence adds a majestic appeal to the beauty of the golden powdery sand.

You can also enjoy sea foods from the nearby stalls. Facial massage are also offered by many local people.

The water, the sand and above all the lush greenery makes Mypad Beach one of the loveliest place on earth.

Rishikonda Beach

- Rishikonda Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Andhra Pradesh. The scenic beauty of the beach attracts many tourists all the year round. This beach is more suitable for those who enjoy water sports. It is the right place for water skiers and wind surfers. The golden sand of Rishikonda Beach makes it a perfect destination for those who love bathing in the sun.

Rishikonda Beach is situated about 8 km away from the Vishkhapatnam city. Ramkrishna Beach is also very close to this place. It offers a magnificent sight of the tranquil water and the azure sky. You may look for rooms in the Daspalla and Dolphin Hotel. These two hotels situated very near Rishikonda Beach facilitates the guests with excellent arrangements for dining and relaxation. They also offer airy and luxurious rooms facing the sea.

The sun kissed sea of the Rishikonda Beach is the perfect place for the swimmers. On the day of Holi this beach offers a colorful and lively sight to the tourists. On this day local people gather here for celebration, smearing the beach with the colors of Holi.

On a Trip to Rishikonda Beach you can also enjoy facial massage offered by some local people. The sea foods available in the stalls near this beach are also very popular among the tourists. Different dishes made of fishes from the sea are available in these beach side restaurants.

Rishikonda Beach of Andhra Pradesh is one of the liveliest in the state. It is a perfect holiday destination.

Kakinada-Uppada Road Beach

is located on Uppada Road which is 5 km away from the town of Kakainada. The wide shore is a major attraction of this beach. The clear water, the silver sand and the golden sun gifts the beach with a majestic beauty. The charm that is woven by the azure sky makes the Kakinada-Uppada Road Beach a unique place to visit. There is also a beautiful and well maintained park that adds to the attractiveness of the beach.

Kakinada is a municipal corporation in the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. It is also the district headquarters. Due to the increasing number of tourists every year this coastal town is growing rapidly. The town boasts of a deep water port. Taste the famous sweet named 'Kakinada Kaja', while visiting the Kakinada-Uppada Road Beach.

The Kakinada-Uppada Road Beach is an excellent place for enjoying the sea breeze. The sun kissed warm sand is the perfect destination for sun bathing. The beach offers a marvelously refreshing view of the surrounding blue sea. The long and calm coastline is a fantastic place for relaxation.

You can also visit the Bhavanarayanaswami temple in Sarpavaram village, Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mission, the Venkateswara Swamy temple located near Ontimamidi junction, the Shivalayam located in Ramarao Pet and the famous Surya Devalayam in Bhanugudi while on a Holiday in Kakinada-Uppada Road Beach.

The Kakinada-Uppada Road Beach is a wonderful place for a fun filled Beach Tour in Andhra Pradesh.

Kalingapatnam Beach

- Kalingapatnam Beach is among the most popular tourist destinations of Andhra Pradesh. It is located in Kalingapatnam of the Srikakulam District in Andhra Pradesh. A light house and the Buddhist Stupa are the main attraction of this beach. The scenic beauty of the beach attracts many international as well as Indian tourist to this spot every year. The Kalingapatnam Beach was also an important sea port in the ancient times and was frequented by many European traders and merchants.

The Kalingapatnam Beach has been recognized by the State Government as an important site for promoting tourism in Andhra Pradesh. Thus many private entrepreneurs are being encouraged to invest here. Concessions and incentives have been announced for these entrepreneurs to encourage the development of beach resorts in Kalingapatnam Beach.

Many European merchants even resided here during the regime of the East India Company. Previously, ships from Malaysia and Singapore used to come here. Perfumes, textiles and other goods were exported from this port before it was closed during the British rule in India.

Since the roads here end in the bed of the sea shore so the Kalingapatnam Beach is also referred to as the Open Road Sea. This is the place where river Vamsadhara meets the Bay of Bengal.The view created by sand, sea and the sky is charming and beautiful.

You can visit Kalingapatnam Beach of Andhra Pradesh for a weekend trip and also enjoy the sea foods available here.

Motupalle Beach

- The Motupalle Beach is located in the Motupalle Village of Andhra Pradesh. The rows of Casuarina Plantations that line the sea attract many tourists to this beach. The lush greenery around the sea makes the beach appealing and a good spot for relaxation. The Motupalle Beach is also a fantastic place for sunbathing. The sun kissed warm sand is the perfect place for all the beach lovers.

Motupalle Beach is about 12 km away from Chinaganjam and is about 45 km from Ongole. The Kottapatnam Beach is thus very close to this spot. So on a trip to Motupalle Beach you can also plan a visit to the wonderful Kottapatnam Beach.

The pleasing view of the sea, sand and the azure sky that the Motupalle Beach provides attracts many tourists to the site. Every year the local business people earn a lot of revenue due to the increasing tourist interest of this spot.

Here you can enjoy swimming with your family and friends. The Motupalle Beach is extremely clean and the sea water appears greenish here. The refreshing sea breeze have a soothing effect and helps the visitors to get rid of the tensions of urban lifestyle. The sea food sold in the nearby shore side kiosks are also very favorite among the tourists. These delicacies generally comprise of sea fishes and taste fantastic.

The decorative items made of sea shells that are sold in the sea side stalls can be carried back home as wonderful souvenirs.

If you are planning a Beach Tour in Andhra Pradesh then the Motupalle Beach is a must visit.

Perupalem Beach

- The Perupalem Beach is located at a distance of 20 kilometers from the town of Narasapur situated in the West Godavari district of the state of Andhra Pradesh. The beach is famous for its scenic beauty and the coastline that offers a pleasurable retreat to its visitors.

The town of Narasapur is well known for its historic background and the old buildings of the British era that still lay erected in the town. The town is a part of the West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. The town has other tourist attractions like the temple dedicated to Sri Adikesava Embarmannar Swamy and the Lakshmi Narayana Temple at Antarvadi situated at a distance of 3 kilometers from the town which are famous pilgrim sites for the followers of Vaishnavism. The town specializes in lace weaving and has an industry that exports its crafts to foreign countries as well. The Perupalem Beach is however the crowning glory of the town.

The Perupalem Beach possesses a natural bay. The waters of the beach are shallow and safe for the tourists who approach the beach to wade through it. The beach is easily accessible from the town of Narasapur through the state highway. The 20 kilometers ride to Perupalem Beach offers the visitor a view of the paddy fields and the lined coconut trees that part the fields on both sides of the road. The Baptist Church near the beach is also a tourist attraction.

The Perupalem Beach opens itself to the clear blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. The natural beauty of the beach creates an idyllic charm that lures tourist to it.

Last Updated on 29 March 2013