Parks in Andhra Pradesh

The state of Andhra Pradesh boasts of several parks and gardens that are beautifully landscaped. They are very much loved and favored by the tourists as well as by the local people as preferred family getaways. The parks sometime serve as play grounds for children, provide fresh and clean jogging places, are places to sit and relax, and are perfect even as venues for social gathering.

Andhra Pradesh has a varied landscape complete with sea retreats as well as popular hill stations. The parks and gardens are the rich treasure-houses supporting a wide range of rich bio-diversity that the state boasts of due to its geographical distribution. These parks are often landscaped beautifully with lush green lawns, shimmering fountains, lotus pools, flower beds, shady bowers, comfortable sitting arrangements, and well laid walks. Andhra Pradesh also has its share of wildlife sanctuaries. Blessed with an uncountable variety of flora the picturesque beauty of the parks attracts tourists from all over the country and abroad. The gardens are home to diverse plant species some of which are rarely found in India.

Parks in Andhra Pradesh also includes some of the popular amusement parks offering complete recreation packages. These offer adventurous rides, games, water parks, indoor games, slides and gardens along with cuisines and loads of pure air to breathe. They are real addiction centers and are fun-zone popular with vacationers of all ages.

Lumbini Park

Lumbini Park is situated on the Tank Bund road of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. A beautifully adorned park, it lies on the verge of the serene Hussein Sagar Lake. The majestic monolithic structure of the Buddha amidst the placid blue waters of the Hussein Sagar is best viewed from Lumbini Park. With the state Secretariat and the beautiful Birla Mandir forming the backdrop, the park offers a tranquil view.

The decor of the Lumbini Park is a kaleidoscope in itself. The colorful landscaping with winding pathways, flower beds, exotic variety of plants, rocks and pebbles and peaceful shady bowers attracts tourists from all over the country and abroad. At the main entrance, a large floral clock welcomes you to the park and at once you know what beauty awaits you inside. The clock is made of bright blooms and a variety of grass planted on the ground in the pattern of a clock. It shows real time and the patterns change from time to time with the change of seasons.

NTR Gardens

The glamorous NTR Gardens lays by the tranquil Hussein Sagar Lake and with it the twin city of Hyderabad and Secunderabad in Andhra Pradesh has got yet another jewel in its list of major attractions. The gardens built around the memorial or Samadhi of enigmatic ex-chief Minister Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, popularly known as N.T.Rama Rao. Spread over a sprawling 36 acres of beautifully manicured gardens it offers a somber atmosphere but still provide many recreational facilities that are popular equally among all age groups. Maintained by the Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (HUDA), the place was formerly a dumping site for a thermal power station. But now it provides the freshest of air in the bustling city of Hyderabad.

Exquisitely laid Japanese Garden, Car Café, Ant Hill, Souvenir Shops, Machan Tree, Fruit Restaurant and a brilliant Children’s playing area makes up the NTR Gardens that is so adored by the tourists as well as the local people. A pleasure trip in the mono rail takes the children round the garden.

Indira Park

Indira Park is one of the Tourist Site in Hyderabad. The park is named so, as a tribute to the late Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. The park is located near the Hussain Sagar Lake, at the Lower Tank Bund. It occupies an area of about seventy six acre. Indira Park in Hyderabad is a recent addition to the number of recreational parks. In the year 1975, the foundation stone of Indira Park had been laid by the late Faqruddin Ahmed, the then President of India. Only a few years were taken by the concerned authority to complete the park. In 1978 the Indira Park was opened for the public. The Indira Park has lush green lawns and while constructing the park, the natural features that were already present in the garden were not disturbed but they were kept as it is. The park is an ideal place to take a time out to relax from the busy life. The Indira Park is not only popular to the local people, but also the tourists coming to Hyderabad. The added attraction to the Indira Park in Hyderabad is the different variety of trees. The Sandal trees, palm trees and Kevuda plantation adorn the park. There are orchards in the park includes the fruit bearing trees like mango, black berry etc. The natural beauty of the Indira Park is enhanced by the artificial waterfalls along with the musical fountains. There is a well maintained rose garden and a commercial nursery in the park as well. For the convenience of the visitors, there is a canteen set up by the authority of the park. It also has boating facility.

Sanjeevaiah Park

Sanjeevaiah Park in Hyderabad is one of the most visited recreational park. It is located in the Necklace Road. The park occupies an area of 99 acre. The park has been named after Mr. Neelam Sanjeev Reddy, the former President of India. The lush green lawns in the park are a pleasure to the eyes and soul, away from the pollution of the city. The other attraction of the Sanjeevaiah Park is the beautiful and romantic rose garden. This garden has multi-colored roses and roses of exclusive high breed.

One of the major attraction of this Park in Hyderabad is the Rock Garden. The garden consists of rocks that are of different shapes and sizes. The floral clock in this Sanjeevaiah Park is an added attraction to the visitors. Recently the park has received a face-lift and thus this well maintained park is a favorite haunt of not only the tourists but also with the children and the young couples.

Yogibear Children’s Park

Yogibear Children’s Park, is one of the most popular Children’s Park in Hyderabad. It is located near the Sanjeevaiah Park, which happens to be another favorite recreational park in Hyderabad. The Yogibear Children’s Park is such a park where children will simply love to visit again and again.

The Yogibear Children’s Park in Hyderabad is an entertainment park for children. The young kids as well as the toddlers love to visit this park with their parents. The park has a beautiful landscape and the lush green lawns are ideal place for the children to play around.

Last Updated on 29 March 2013