Andhra Pradesh District Map

District Map of Andhra Pradesh

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District Map of Andhra Pradesh
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*Map provides the information of Andhra Pradesh Districts, Location of Districts and Headquaters. Disclaimer

Andhra Pradesh is a southern Indian state located on the Bay of Bengal's coast. Andhra Pradesh is known as the "Rice Bowl of India" because it produces the most rice in India. With an extent of 162,970 square kilometres, it is India's eighth-biggest state by size and the tenth-largest by population (49,386,799 people).

Hyderabad was the capital of Andhra Pradesh, however with the formation of Telangana, it will now function as the capital of the new state. Andhra Pradesh will operate from Hyderabad until 2024, after which Amaravati will take over as the state's capital.

Before the establishment of Telangana as a breakaway state, the populace of Andhra Pradesh was 84,655,533 (2011 census), and the state had an area of 275,045 square kilometres. However, the state today covers 160,205 square kilometres and has a population of 49,378,776 people. Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, and Odisha are their neighbouring states.

Andhra Pradesh is well-known for its delectable Andhra food, which is tangy, fiery, and spicy. Red chilli is abundant in this region and is popular among the inhabitants.

Districts and Administration in Andhra Pradesh:

Andhra Pradesh has a total number of twenty-Six districts and is divided into two regions:
  • Rayalaseema
  • Coastal Andhra

Districts have been formed from these regions. A District Magistrate, an Indian Administrative Service official in responsible for management and revenue collection, governs each district. A Superintendent of Police, an Indian Police Service official, is in charge of ensuring safety and security in the district, while a Deputy Conservator of Forests, an Indian Forest Service officer, is in command of forests, the environment, and wildlife.

Tourism in Andhra Pradesh:

Andhra Pradesh is endowed with stunning features and a plethora of tourism destinations. Visakhapatnam- the seaside city, Chittoor- Horsley Hills, Kurnool- Mahanandishwara temple, Rajamundri and Prashanti Nilayam-Puttaparthi, Tirupati Balaji Temple in Tirupati, the churches and temples of Vijaywada, and the temples of Nellore are popular tourist destinations in Andhra Pradesh. The Araku Valley, a gorgeous site near Vishakapatnam, is an ideal tourist attraction. Srisailam is a prominent pilgrimage place, and Leepakshi is a 16th-century historical heritage monument. Leepakshi handicrafts are well-known. A lake with backwaters may be found at Papikondalu and Rajahmundry. Talakona waterfalls fascinate with their picturesque splendour and are well-known for their medicinal plants. Trekkers frequently visit the region.

List of Districts in Andhra Pradesh

Name of the District Headquarters Population Area Density
Alluri Sitharama RajuPaderu9,53,9601225177.87
Dr.B.R.Ambedkar KonaseemaAmalapuramu17,19,0932083825.3
East GodavariRajahmahendravaram18,32,3322561715.48
Parvathipuram ManyamParvathipuram9,25,3403659252.89
Sri Potti Sriramulu NelloreNellore24,69,71210441236.54
Sri Sathya SaiPuttaparthi18,40,0438925206.17
West GodavariBhimavaram17,79,9352178817.23


Last Updated on : November 03, 2022