Andhra Pradesh Climate

Andhra Pradesh Climate is generally hot and humid. The major role in determining the climate of the state is played by South- West Monsoons. But the winters in Andhra Pradesh are pleasant. This the time when the state attracts most of its tourists.

Summers in Andhra Pradesh last from the month of March to June. During these months the mercury level is quite high. In the coastal plain the summer temperatures are generally higher than the rest of the state. In summer temperature generally ranges between 20C and 40C At certain places the temperature as high as 45 degrees on a summer day.

July to September is the season for tropical rains in Andhra Pradesh. The state receives heavy rainfall during these months. About one third of the total rainfall in Andhra Pradesh is brought by the North- East Monsoons. Sometime around the month of October winter arrives in the state. October, November, December, January and February are the winter months in Andhra Pradesh. Since the state has a reasonably long coastal belt the winters are not much cold. The range of winter temperature is generally 13C to 30C.

You need to be well prepared with summer clothes in order to tour the state during the summer months. Andhra Pradesh Climate does not permit all sort of clothing. Cotton clothes are best suitable to cope with the Climate of Andhra Pradesh.

Since the Andhra Pradesh Climate is not much favorable during the major part of the year, so October to February is the best time to visit the state.

Last Updated on 20 June 2013