Places to Visit in Ziro

Places to See in Ziro

One of the most beautiful hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro is known for its beautiful mountains, hillocks and rivers. Here are a few places of tourist interest in Ziro

Apatani Villages

Category : History & Culture
It is a unique experience to meet the friendly Apatani tribal folk, who have facial tattoos and wear nose plugs in their villages. The best villages to visit are, Hong, Hijo, Hari, Bamin and Dutta. All these villages are within a 10 km radius and it is advisable to take a local guide along with you, or you won't be able to see much and might be made to feel unwelcome by the tribals.

Paddy cum Fish Farming

Category : Nature
Ziro is famous for its unique practice of rearing fish in paddy fields. After transplanting paddy from the nursery into the wet rice cultivation field, fish fingerlings are out into the paddy fields in which the water is two to three feet deep. The fish are harvested after the paddy is harvested.

Tarin Fish Farm

Category : Nature
Located around 3.5 km from Hapoli Town, here one can find high altitude fish farming, where higher altitude fish are bred. The fingerlings are sold during paddy cultivation.

Kile Pakho

Category : Nature
Located 7 km from Ziro, this is a ridge and on a clear morning one can see a complete view of the Ziro Plateau.

Shiva Lingam at Kardo Forest

Category : Religious
Located around 4 km from the Hapoli Township, this Shiva Linga is 25 feet tall and many devotees come here to offer their prayers and devotions to Lord Shiva.

Taley Wildlife Sanctuary

Category : Wild Life
Located 32 km north east of Ziro, this beautiful forest is blessed with rich flora and fauna, including trees like orchids, ferns and different varieties of bamboo.

Last Updated on : 1/10/2013