Arunachal Pradesh Museums

There is a handful of important Arunachal Pradesh museums. The museums of Arunachal Pradesh bear testimony of the cultural lineage of the place, particularly the cultural diversity of the ethnic groups who inhabit the place. Some major sites of the state that reflect the rich heritage of the place are Nehru Memorial Museum, Ita Fort and Bhishmaknagar Fort.

Nehru Memorial Museum

It is one of the major museums in Arunachal Pradesh. A variety of historical specimens like objects associated with some ceremonies, weapons, handicrafts, textiles, wood carvings and musical instruments are displayed at the different galleries of the foremost of the Arunachal Pradesh museums.

Tourists who have an interest in the cultural lineage of the different tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, particularly, the tribes of Itanagar, should visit this treasure house of tribal items.

Ita Fort

It is a fort of immense historical importance. It was put up in the 14th or the 15th century. Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh has got its name from this fort.

The stone work of Ita Fort spans for an area of 45 cubic meter. The brick structure is made up of about 80 lakhs of bricks. The rulers of the Ahom dynasty created the Ita Fort.

Bhishmaknagar Fort

It has got its name from a king named Bhismaka. This fort is closely Related to Idu Mishmis. The Bhishmaknagar Fort bears testimony of the affluence and of the famous civilization centered at Bhismaknagar. Hence, it can be termed one of the museums at Arunachal Pradesh, which displays specimens from the Bhismaknagar civilization. The basic structure of the Bhishmaknagar Fort of Arunachal Pradesh constitutes of bricks, which are made of clay.

Arunachal Pradesh Museums:
  • Nehru Memorial Museum
  • Ita Fort
  • Bhishmaknagar Fort

Last Updated on : 09 March 2013