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Located in the Lower Subansiri District in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro has been a World Heritage Site for quite a few years now owing to its natural beauty. Ziro is a beautiful valley filled with rice fields and beautiful little villages of the Apatani tribes who inhabit this area.

The Ziro Valley is full of uneven hillocks, surrounded by paddy fields. The area is rich in biological diversity owing to the wide variety of flora and fauna. The Apatai tribe who live here worship nature and are very hospitable people.

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Climate of Ziro

Ziro experiences a temperate climate. Summers are cool, though the area witnesses extensive rainfall during the monsoons. Winters are cold and woolen clothes are required. The summer season starts in April till the end of June and the monsoons start in July and end in September. Winter sets in by November and lasts throughout February.

Best Time to Visit Ziro

The best time to visit Ziro would be from February to October.

How to Reach Ziro

Ziro is a beautiful valley and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, given this, Ziro has become quite a popular tourist attraction and here is how one can reach Ziro.

By Rail

Ziro does not have its own railway station and the nearest railway station is at Tezpur, which is located at a distance of 300 km. Tezpur is well connected to various parts of the country and tourists can take a bus or hire a taxi to reach Ziro.

By Road

State Government run buses are available to Ziro from Itanagar, the state capital. These buses depart everyday and are reasonable and cost between Rs.100 to 200.

By Air

The nearest airport to Ziro is at Tezpur, which is located at a distance of 300 km. The airport at Tezpur is connected to Kolakata and Silchar by weekly flights. Taxis are available at the Tezpur airport to go onwards to Ziro.

Shopping in Ziro

Ziro is famous for bamboo items, like bamboo baskets, Apatani handlooms and locally made handicraft items. Also worth buying in Ziro are colourful rugs, scarves and jackets.

The District Industries Centre, which is located in the town of Hapoli stocks cane items and other handloom and craft items.

Tourist Places in Ziro

  • Apatani Villages
  • Paddy cum Fish Farming
  • Tarin Fish Farm
  • Kile Pakho
  • Shiva Lingam at Kardo Forest
  • Taley Wildlife Sanctuary
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Last Updated on : 30/09/2013